Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Google: Japanese women for sale on eBay

I was searching for a poetry site to repair a dead link on my website. The site was called "Japanese Women Poets". When I searched for it on Google, I got the following, listed alongside the results:

Discount Japanese Women
New & used selection. Japanese Women for sale.

Women For Sale
Low Priced Women. Big Selection!

Japanese Women Need Love
We want Nice guy to Love and go for date together.

Here, try it for yourself and let me know if they're any good.*

*Well they've gone and fixed it, but not before I got this screenshot.


  1. wow...They were selling women??? That's pretty weird..

    Today is Brazil's Independence Day!!! (not like u might care)

    Awesome blog... I just made mine a couple days ago...Would you do me the favor of coming by sometime??? But the only thing that might be a problem for you is that the whole thing is in Portuguese...Sorry...

    Kisses, Fernanda.


  2. Oh I could do with a japanese woman- in fact why stop at one...

    You can buy russian brides too- it's horrible, people taking advantage of other peoples misfortunes and having them as their property. I'm going to buy three :D

  3. I hate this crap. More than half of the visitors to this site come from Google searches for "Japanese women for sale". What sort of freaks are you? Go to hell if you are really looking for that. I feel like deleting this post but why should I?