Monday, June 13, 2005

Answers on a postcard, please

Why are we alive?

How do we know that the universe we see is not just a tiny cell in a much bigger structure?

Can you be wrong just by being yourself?


  1. Not quite a postcard but some answers:

    1) I really don't know.
    2) The good ol' theoretical physicists are working on that one right now. Google for M-theory and read something "plausible" that's full of alternate universes of any number of dimensions you want.
    3)Oh yes. Being wrong is an occupational hazard for many folk.

  2. Thanks. If you find out the answer to the first one, a lot of people would be very interested... Cheers. I like your pictures, by the way. I'm envious of the travel and sights you must've seen.

  3. Anonymous7:51 pm

    1: Because events causing our death have not yet occurred.
    2: We don't, but no-one was suggesting we do or don't anyway so you can't challenge something no-one is denying in the first place.
    3: Yes, obviously. Being ourselves basically means being selfish and solipsistic, and therefore almost renders inevitable our being wrong.