Sunday, June 05, 2005

Notes on waking

Day n

Inertia of pleasure is at its height when called to relinquish. Though we know needs must rise, some greater good suffuses the belly with restorative well-being.

Day n + x

Debating within (whether to rise). Once again drawn to a zone of mystical pleasure, that which is pleasing merely to contemplate, rightness of form, marvellous to contemplate, the better thought. Somehow it has to do with...something about...gone.



  1. Hello Stephen, :)
    I followed this link from the Neo-Beat. Thought I'd say hi and all that. Felt good in here. I haven't been posting much on poetry sites. Miss the conversations...

  2. Hi, River. (High river?) I like your poems. I've added your blog to the list on Sloe Wine. I'll probably add it to the list of friendly blogs on the right -->
    if that's okay with you. Cheers

  3. oh thanks and thanks. I like your work too, even though I never have much to say on prose fiction...I don't mind my blog being added to your list. I will add yours to mine. :)