Thursday, September 08, 2005

Small memoir of Brendan Behan

My parents are from the tenements of Dublin, and so am I, though we moved out to a Corporation house in Finglas when I was about eight. Later in the 1960's the tenements started to collapse after some dry summers, and they were cleared, and the residents relocated to Ballymun, which itself is now being demolished.

My mother and father were members of an Amateur dramatic society in Dublin. They also had a passing acquaintance with the Behan brothers. On the day of my parents' wedding in 1953 the reception was in a local pub, and Dominic and Brendan Behan were there. My mother remembers Dominic as nice and presentable, she didn't mind him. However, she didn't have much to do with Brendan, who came in later. She described him as a "foul-mouthed character in a coat tied with a string."

Brendan Behan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "By far the most famous Irish writer of his time he was once hired to write an advertising slogan for Guinness. As part of his payment for this the company offered him half a dozen kegs of their stout. After a month the company asked Behan what he had come up with, Behan had already managed to drink all of the beer they had given him and produced the famous slogan Guinness makes you drunk." (Wikipedia)

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