Monday, February 11, 2008

It's your noble call, Dad

Giuseppe di Stefano - Catari, Catari (Core 'ngrato)

Dad had a lovely voice, powerful. He used to sing this. It was his party piece, this or Golden Earrings. "It's your noble call." That's what we used to say when it was somebody's turn to sing or give a recitation ("There's a green-eyed yellow idol to the north of Katmandu" as likely as not). And it was a noble call - a very good name for it, however it originated.

Christy (dad) used to sing it in the English translation, which goes "I'm calling, calling you/ my beloved what can I do?/ Under the stars and moon beside the ocean/ You promised to be mine" etc. and he would put in a verse in the Italian in the middle, if he didn't stop early, which he mostly would. In this video, Giuseppe di Stefano is very like my dad singing it, and he even looks a bit similar.

I feel now that Dad must have known this version, not Mario Lanza's as I previously thought. Lanza's rendition is not very like Dad's version.

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