Sunday, March 16, 2008

1956 production

Dublin Arts Theatre program 1956, The Plough and the Stars

Dad's name is there, Christy Moran as Young Covey. I remember Matt Farrelly, an old friend of Dad's. He let me pretend to drive his VW when I was a small boy, and he and Dad took me to see Shamrock Rovers.


  1. mikey9:02 pm

    That's really something to be involved in. I didn't know, but learnt from the TLS online just now, that 'The Plough and the Stars provoked riots when first staged'.

  2. Seems they were always in a mood to riot at the Abbey when Yeats was there. I think they rioted as well when the word "shift" was used in another O'Casey play. (Seems hard to imagine the outrage such a word could produce, the fact that it referred to a woman's undergarment - strange.) And Yeats came out on stage and said they had disgraced themselves. I suppose one could take a humorous view of it and interpret the rioting as a quasi-sexual event.

  3. The other riot was at J.M. Synge's play The Playboy of the Western World, not another O'Casey play as I mistakenly said above.

  4. Went to see the production at the National Theatre and it was terrific. I wish Dad could have seen it, I'm sure he would have loved it.