Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello young lovers

Dad and Mam in Dublin (O'Connell Bridge, 1952-4?) caught by a street photographer, one of those who used to give you a ticket to get the photo later.

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  1. It occurs to me now that the photographer has been very artistic in his* composition of this photograph. Whether he decided to centre it on my mother for that reason, or perhaps because of the character in the background on the bridge? - I don't know, probably the former, or both. Really he has made, I think, an excellent photo. Any less space above or below or any other framing wouldn't have been right.

    The clothes they're wearing, seem so "for a date", though my Dad's shoes have seen better days. At that time they were paid in shillings and pence, both in the rag trade. Both came from one-room tenement dwellings, and they are not far from them (literally) in this picture and still living in them perhaps or just into their newly rented flat, perhaps, with three rooms.

    * Most likely "his" not "her", just historically.