Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I raise a glass to Boris Johnson

When given a choice, always vote for the one who would not side with mass murder for any cause, that's what I say. Boris Johnson would be the first politician to be hanged by any tyrant - such as Livingstone, if he could - because Boris speaks as he finds and he stands up for the human, not for dogma. He does not finesse with questions of human rights with hanging mullahs and truck bombing terrorists etc etc. Etc.


  1. Boris does speak as he find: and unfortunately he's a racist Tory so what comes out of his mouth is offensive ignorant bollocks. Ken can also fuck off- he's a nasty snivelling piece of shit. Nice photos though. :-)

  2. I don't believe Boris is a racist. He just joshes and says things that other people think. You're better off with somebody whose thoughts you know than some bottled-up keg of hatred and political correctness. Two terms should be the limit, as all leaders seem to get power-crazed after that.

  3. I've never voted Conservative before and I don't think I ever will again. So if they think they are going to win the next general election because Boris is popular in London, they have another think coming. I'm a lifelong Labour voter, from an Irish Labour background.

    I don't like Livingstone because he's unscrupulous and power-crazed. Two terms are enough. Isn't it obvious from all the examples: Thatcher, Blair, Livingstone that two terms are enough. Duh, duh, duh.

    I started voting for the Liberals recently because they were more left wing than New Labour. I voted for Sarah Teather in my constituency, because Labour sent in some shiny turd of a careerist to take over Livingstone's supposedly safe seat.

    Also Sarah Teather corresponded in the comments and in letters to the Willesden Herald. She also looks so much like a character from a Thurber cartoon that she needs to be cherished (and revenge that comical old misogynist). I see her occasionally walking in the High Street like a real person, not like bloody Harman in a stab proof vest with a S.W.A.T. team of Chinese police or whatever.

    I felt so guilty about calling her a munchkin in the WH, that I sent her a WH "mug for munchkins" but I have a feeling that it never got to her. (I sent it to their election HQ.)

    I have to say that it will be a shame if Brown is such a dreadful bureaucrat that he puts everyone off Labour for life, now that there are actually benefits coming through from their social policies. I don't care who they pay to deliver the services, it's the same paying a private company to do something as paying directly employed people to do it, in my opinion (by the way - not that anybody wants it.)

    Go Boris! Actually it does feel a bit "morning after"/"be careful what you wish for". Anyway, he's a good bloke. He's no Bernard Manning.

  4. Of course all private companies working for the health service etc should conform to the same standards or better in every respect as direct employers. I know that has not been happening, but there is no reason why it shouldn't, if only ministers would get stuck in and enforce standards. Of course they don't because they're too busy defending the status quo - third term syndrome again.

  5. I genuinely believe all tories are racists at heart. And... Boris has made racist statements.
    But I agree about the two terms. :-)

  6. I agree that most Tories are racists. I think Boris is actually an independent at heart. He is a victim of his posh upbringing, in a way. However one of the problems with everyone trying not to be racist is that the victims of racists are in turn racist to others. It's a bit like the argument for eating animals, because they eat other animals. Members of my family have been pelted with eggs and visitors to our house had racist things shouted at them, but not by Tories, by black guys in the street. One beautiful black woman friend, a former model, happened to be standing at our hall door when some black guys were passing by and they called her "a black whore." My wife, who is oriental, has had her car pelted with eggs. Craig has had several incidents. I myself heard some horrible mutterings in my travels as well, which I won't repeat here. Racist is as racist does. Boris would jump into the river to save anybody, I'm sure. I might be wrong. I thought Heather Mills was ok, but having read the transcripts I now realise she wasn't at all. Whatever. Peace.

  7. reading that back, i can't follow my own argument. i think what i was trying to say was that some people are "more racisted against than racisting", but it is a best a bit of a powderpuff defence. i wonder what boris really thinks. do you really think he's full of ill will and condescenscion? he just seems so pleasant. his latest article in the telegraph (he's back!) is a wonder of humane reflection.