Saturday, September 13, 2008

Literary day out


I particularly enjoyed Jay Barnard's (link) poetry reading and Courtia Newland's story, which I'd already read somewhere. It is going to be on BBC4 Afternoon Story next week. There was a very funny story from Gavin Inglis, as well as lots of other delights, some from people listed in my links over there ->.

I offered to provide "post-it note critiques" for short stories, simulating the conditions of reading for a short story competition. About twenty or so landed on my table in the reading room. One thing that occurred to me was that this was a very good way to make enemies and fail to influence people. I felt that I should have worn full Venetian masquerade get-up, like Salieri in the film Amadeus: it was I who needed anonymity, not the writers.

Anyway, I really like reading this way and commenting, though I'm completely unqualified. I wrote on large post-it notes, mostly having to write on the reverse as well, and also marked up the text. There were one or two I'd seen before, amazingly enough.

I left some copies of this competition flyer (A4 version) on the books table there. Here is a version for Letter paper size. Please feel free to pass them on, copy, republish, etc.


  1. Hi,

    I stumbled upon you searching for Litcamp. Thank you for my post-it note critique (for Under the Sofa - egg/heroin abuse story) received which was very helpful indeed. The notes you gave will help with revision so cheers for giving up your time to do so!

  2. Well you thought mine lacked a story and was full of pointless dialogue, but somehow I didn't take it badly! I felt quite cheery about it, like "Oh, so it's rubbish, I'd better get on and write some good stuff then."