Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let's reunite Ireland as a British dominion*

It's never too late. Step back, rewind, start over. A united Ireland under the British crown as before, with its proud capital in Dublin and its own sovereignty the same as Canada's or Australia's. I am a republican in the generic sense not a monarchist, but the petty nationalists have divided Ireland. That's exactly what they've done, not united - divided. I expect to be reviled by all sides for this idea, but this is the way to a united Ireland. It does not entail any loss of real sovereignty, laws or anything else, and it incorporates Northern Ireland into the Republic. If you claim to be for a united Ireland, you've got to start loving your unionist countrymen and give them what they want. Within a family, one sacrifices for the benefit of another. We should sacrifice our separation from Britain in order to regain our own unity on the island of Ireland. Does anyone doubt that countries such as Canada and Australia are independent? We had unity before, which was worth more than the present botched independence, but we squandered it. That is my opinion and I might be wrong, but there it is.

Update 22/2/2016: In the year of the anniversary of the 1916 rising, I am less inclined to believe that the above is a practical proposition.


  1. Anonymous4:06 pm

    But isn't the Republic of Ireland already united with the UK through the Isles' common membership of the great European Union Brotherhood of Man?

  2. It is not union with the UK that I am trying to achieve with my suggestion, it is union of the two parts of Ireland with its government in Dublin. We sacrificed our former unity in a botched attempt at independence. Ireland is like a rabbit that was caught in a snare and gnawed off its own leg to escape. But what sort of life is there for a three-legged rabbit?

  3. It might not even be too extreme a metaphor to say that Ireland cut off its own head to escape from the union with Britain.

    Another possible benefit of reintegration now would be a currency union with Britain instead of with the EU.

    However, if Scotland also separates from the UK, which doesn't seem likely at the time of writing, Northern Ireland will be more isolated from England and Wales. If, in addition, Scotland adopted the Euro, Northern Ireland would be left as a small enclave with a different currency between Scotland and Ireland, both with the Euro. At that stage, entry of the remainder of the UK into the Euro would become much more likely. The Euro would be strengthened by the UK joining. None of these eventualities would detract from the possibility of repairing the unities that could keep Ireland together itself and Unionists together with their UK.

    In other words, Home Rule and a common currency.