Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Facebook can get stuffed. Again

Facebook to enable members to track friends on other sites

"Social networking website Facebook has launched what could yet prove to be another controversial application in the form of a tool that allows users to track 'Facebook friends' activities on other sides." (Telegraph)

If they keep it up, I'm going to bin my Facebook pages and membership.


  1. there must be ways you can stop it.
    facebook is annoying though. I still miss scrabulous!

  2. The best way to use it is uninstall all the so-called applications, which are all third-party websites that just want to collect your details. Anybody can write a Facebook application (I wrote one for a test) and get access to people's friend lists - not the details they've marked as private, but it's insidious, very. For example if you post some comments on iLike music that will then turn up on Google searches because iLike is a third party website, which does what it likes with your info. As a result I have uninstalled all the silly little apps, which you can do somewhere under "edit settings", though it's not that easy to find, all except the Books one, because I've put so much into that that I'm reluctant to bin it all. If it says "this application was not developed by Facebook" it's just another website that you're signing up to and it appears in a box inside Facebook, with access to your details. Facebook does not seem to be an ethically minded venture, not like Google whose motto is "do no evil" or "do no harm" or something like that. Facebook's motto is we want to make money out of you and we don't care how.