Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I didn't know the bike was there

I am standing beside a road which is empty on this side but on the other side there is a line of cars facing this way, waiting in a jam. Suddenly a very small but high-powered black car darts out and speeds past the stationary traffic on the wrong side of the road. This is very dangerous. I turn around as it passes me by and see it speed across a junction, still on the wrong side, and straight into a cyclist coming the other way. The car has stopped on top of the now invisible bike. I think I must phone 999 and call an ambulance. As well as horror at what has just happened, there is a small feeling of righteousness about being the one to call the emergency services. I think to myself that before I turned around and saw it, that bike must already have been there. It was moving as slowly as the car was fast, peacefully making its way in the middle of its own lane. Yet before I turned round, I had no idea the bike was there.