Saturday, November 21, 2009

Radio Éireann anseo agaibh

My grandfather Peter Moran was a radio and music hall singer at one time. He subsequently lost most of his eyesight and was registered blind. He worked most of his life as a basketmaker. The picture shows a newspaper clipping of the schedule for Radio Éireann on Saturday, June 25th 1938, the day of the installation of Douglas Hyde as the first president of Ireland. I will transcribe some it.

12.40-1.30—Ceremony of Installation of the President. Commentary from St. Patrick's Hall, Dublin Castle, and from the G.P.O., Dublin.

1.30-3.0—Gramophone concert.

5.30—Kathleen Burke's Trio in Light Music, and Peter Moran (baritone).

Trio—Merrie England (German) (Chapell).
Peter Moran—Ireland, I love you Acushla Machree; My Fairest Child; Because (d'Hardelot).
Trio—Elfin Reigin [etc.]
Peter Moran—The stars that light my garden (Russell); Beautiful Isle of somewhere (Fearis).
Trio— [etc.]

You can see the rest of the schedule by clicking on the image. It returns to the installation of Douglas Hyde from 9.10 pm to 9.30 pm with a "Commentary from the state reception in St. Patrick's Hall" and closes with the national anthem at 11 pm.


Here are scans of some of my grandfather's scrapbook items connected with the broadcast.

Advance programmes notice, Broadcasting Station, GPO

Microphone rehearsal notice. Note "Saorstáit Éireann" (till June 25th then "Éire")
There a fair few more documents and cuttings like this. These one may be more interesting because they pertain to Radio Éireann broadcast from 5:30 pm on the day of the inauguration of the first president of Ireland. Hard to imagine now but it was big news round the world at the time. It was a chink in the armour of the British Empire in the year before the outbreak of World War II. (Ref. Douglas Hyde's inauguration - a signal of a new Ireland - RTÉ.ie)

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

All My Trials

a painfully good video. i thought pauly was a bit o.t.t. at first but fair do's - having listened a few times - he's bang on.