Monday, April 15, 2013

All things must pass

I am about to leave Willesden for further west in London. I leave behind the memory my two beautiful dogs and of course I won't forget our little canary either. I haven't told you that Tipsy, the wee Yorkie from Dublin, left us a couple of weeks ago. Tipsy was always the Queen of Sheba in her own mind, a very bossy character but none the worse for that. She had been deaf for some time and appeared to go blind or suffered some catastrophic cerebral event that left her unable to get around.

It's not known exactly what age she was as she was a rescue dog when my mother got her in Dublin. I in turn adopted Tipsy when Mam was no longer able to mind her. We brought Tipsy to London and she took a long time to settle down, always trying to escape and probably thinking she could run back to Dublin. She was terribly afraid of fireworks and literally used to climb the walls and shelves trying to get away from them. It was a blessing in disguise when she went deaf about three years ago and couldn't hear them at all. We were able to go for walks while fireworks went off all around and she didn't even notice.

Tipsy was never a dog to beg. When she wanted something she barked and you obeyed. Even when all but the last spark of life had left her and she lay there in my hands in the waiting room at Harmsworth, exhausted, looking up with a gentle expression, there was that feeling, very faint then but still there, of observation and self possession, and of both of us knowing that she was the Queen of Sheba.

Tipsy, 5 May 2008

Tipsy and Skippy, 5 May 2008

I want to thank the staff and volunteers at Harmsworth Animal Hospital for their kindness and consideration and great fortitude in helping me and Tess with our dogs, in their hours of desperate health crisis. They are unsung heroes and heroines working for the RSPCA.

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