Monday, March 31, 2014


I'm trying to reassemble a small watch. It's a messy business. I can't seem to grasp and separate the necessary parts from a whole street full of rubbish. I'm nearly there but something slips and I have to get it back in my hand. My friend's parents are losing patience with me. They want to start taking all the rubbish away. I keep the small pieces and give up the large planks, which are immediately taken away, and a dirty oily rag. It had to be done, quick decision. I think I still have the necessary pieces on me and I continue trying to put the mechanism in place in the small watch. Interminably. But they are leaving.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Drumstick vegetable
Like most new things we hear about, it's supposed to be very good for you. The exterior is woody and inedible. If you make the mistake of chewing it, you have to spit it out. There is very little pith, but what there is is soft and sweet, a bit like parsnip. Other things in this picture: jackfruit segments and coriander.