Saturday, April 26, 2014

Staying with the B.....s again

As we often do, or I do anyway, not always the missus, but this time both, we were staying with the B.....s. We're not quite well off enough though. There seems to be a shortage of clothes. And when we are out it's difficult to know which station, which route in the vastness of town, a way that will be within our means. Not enough coins to pay for a taxi to the airport. We end up in a street of small terraced houses. At first there's no one around and as we are naked, we lie down and she starts to suck me off. Then the youths and children of the street look on in amusement, so we have to leave and go back to the B.....s. I see old B..... He is a tall, ominous man, standing sidelong in a doorway across the space. He never says much but I'm afraid because, of course, a long time ago I killed two of his children, and so I try to hide.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

She's afraid of you

The kid in the tunnel is amazing. She has a way of cartwheeling in fractions anti-clockwise (or is it clockwise?) with her limbs holding her in place at the same distance on the walls of the tunnel. I want to compliment her in an easy, pleasant way. I say, 'Well done. You are the Spiderwoman!' But this other guy, whom I know fairly well, wants to join in. He tries to join with the girl in the tunnel tricks. He out-machos me. They have drifted further away and she can no longer see me. But he can't do it and they end up in a heap. He comes up past me after he has ruined the game and left her way back there on the floor of the tunnel. I don't know what to say. He says, 'She's afraid of you.'

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Naked driving (again)

I'm with two American guys and we're in a type of jeep, not a military one but not a particularly good civilian one either. The little guy driving has started to overtake a bus but there's not enough power. It's dangerous because we are too close to the side of the bus. Now of course the cops are after us, so we turn off somewhere and I say go there, up a ludicrously steep curve onto the forecourt of a large house with trees. It's impossible for anyone passing to see what's up on top of that curve. After little discussion we get rid of all of our clothes because the way to avoid being recognised by the cops is to drive naked. And so it's back out onto the road.