Monday, November 10, 2014

If they had hacked Amy's voicemail

"Amy, it's Pete, yeah. Missin' you babe. It's hell in here but when I get out, we'll get high as a kite and all will be well."

"It's dad. The gig went fantastic, hun. The yanks are mad for me. How you doin'. Be good and take care. Later."

"Amy, I've got you an interview in Rolling Stone. Call me. Bye."

"Oh, boo. Turn on your phone. I want to come over. Valerie."

"Amy. Turn on your bloody phone. I need that money now. You don't know what these guys can do. This is not funny anymore."

"Darling, your dad is the talk of New York. Won't you come and see us? Oh I suppose you're too busy. Is your voice any better? You know I always have chicken soup here, ready to go. Amy? ... Bye."