Tuesday, September 29, 2015

BBC The Daily Politics - assassinating Corbyn

Some gibbering ass (Lance Price) is trying to say Corbyn's speech was no good. He's trying his damnedest to portray it as a dismal failure. He wants Corbyn to go chasing other people's votes, the very mistake that has now cost Labour two general elections. Jeremy Corbyn's speech was excellent, and I have watched all the leader speeches for both main parties for many years. It was one of the best. The BBC commentator, Lance Price, was wheeled on by Andrew Neil immediately after the speech with a little caption on the screen, "Speech Verdict". How can this be viewed in any other way than a calculated attempt to smear Corbyn and distort perception of his speech? Price says he had low expectations and the speech fell well below them. I don't think the idiot can have even listened to the speech. It was excellent and ended on a massive high, far more thoughtful and satisfactory than Miliband or Blair ever achieved with their phoney baloney. I make a little exception for Gordon Brown but he too was in thrall to "chasing the game". Corbyn is on the money. But I'm afraid BBC News is in a tailspin. I love the BBC but its news division is dissolving into amateurish, clownish self-indulgence and groupthink. #dailypolitics #bbcdailypolitics #bbc #bbcnews #bbcdailypolitics #andrewneil #jeremycorbyn #uklabour #lanceprice

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  1. mikey8:23 pm

    Very poor of the BBC, nay,an outrage to even have Andrew Neil as the first to comment on the speech, hardly an objective commentator. Whether Corbyn ultimately turns out to be yet another disappointment this battle to regain the heart and soul of the Labour Party is long overdue and he's brought it about. It's often instructive to ask people who carp about Corbyn exactly what it is he's said that they disagree so fundamentally with. It usually turns out that they know eff all about him except for received wisdom they've heard or read from the likes of Neil or the Murdoch/Dacre/Express press or the blithering of vile shithouses like Blair and Mandelson and the Tories-in-another-life who flooded into the party after 1997.