Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Towards an Index of Dad

At the Fingal House by default on any free night
Brought home sweets every payday
Could sing like Giuseppe Di Stefano
Drove his new company car home all the way in first gear
Enjoyed Ken Dodd and Frank Sinatra
Found pretension insufferable
Gave his life to his work
Held his emotions in
Improvised words like "gobdaw" and "mixy-muxy"
Joked and laughed so much could hardly reach the punchline
Karl Marx was someone he had read
Liked the fat more than the meat
Made clothes on an industrial scale
Never raised his hand to us
Owed allegiance to Manchester United
Played Young Covey in The Plough and the Stars
Questioned so-called intellectuals, perhaps as a result
Resided in working class Dublin all his life
Saved a little money for his funeral
Took me to join a boxing club, but couldn't find it
Upheld standards but didn't preach
Ventured only as far as Old Trafford
Was loved by people I didn't even know, who cried in church