Friday, June 26, 2020

In Wormwood Scrubs Car Park

There's no such thing as waiting (W. Herald)

Spare a thought for inmates,
inpatients & chauffeurs,
eunuchs in harems,
call-handlers and gofers.
The wilderness waits at noon,
the firmament by night
but our lives are eked out
under fluorescent light.

Wormwood Scrubs Park yesterday, view towards hospital

Someone sleeping in the shade

Wormwood Scrubs Park

On chauffeur duty, what else is there to do only compose rhymes?

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The scene today (Sunday)

View of empty roadbridge
Wood End Road - beautiful S-bend

Same road a little further along
The entrance to Harrow Cricket Club is ahead, left

Chiltern Line east from the railway bridge
Summer trees & clouds along the Chiltern Line.

It's perhaps banal to some but this back road near my home makes a pleasant walk and some of the views are lovely.