Jailbreak (Lin Sagovsky, Liars’ League at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square W1, March 2016)

She’s back and this time it’s impersonal
Everybody is dying to meet her. Literally. She scythes her way through the oddballs who answer her lonely hearts advert, who frequent singles bars or are merely fated to encounter her by chance. Still, it’s no good to dwell on past misfortune, especially when it’s not hers.

The London Silence (short stories. Pretend Genius Press, 2004)

Stories in anthologies
Gerry Boysey’s Human Circus (in The Monkey’s Typewriter, Brent, 2005)
Time Out, Carmencita (in Fish Drink Like Us, Pretend Genius, 2006)
Piano Smashing Blues (in What we were thinking just before the end, The Green Press, 2009)
The Wonderful Thread (in 100 Stories for Haiti, Bridge House, 2010)

Stories in magazines
Kenny (in Bird Times, 2002)
Cloco (excerpt in Read All About It, 2005)
Case Notes (in “Magazine”, Ed. Raewyn Alexander, New Zealand, 2007)

Poetry in anthologies
Ballad (in Last Night’s Dream Corrected, Pretend Genius, 2006)
Annie (in Gargoyle 57, Paycock Press, 2011)
In the Waiting Room of the Western Eye Hospital (Southernmost Point Guest House, Pretend Genius, 2014)



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Wake-Up Call (Poem, The Stare’s Nest, 2014)
Winter Thoughts (Poetry, Staxtes – English Wednesdays, 2014)
The Shovel (Story, 1st prize Small Wonder short story slam, 2013)
Three Poems (The Kitchen Poet)
After Tubthumping (Poem, The Green Press blog)
Telling Time (Short story, Big Bridge)
Bulaga (Flash, Slam Fiction)
The Real Irish Presidential Debate (Sketch, Museum of Illusions, 2011)
Interview (Duotrope, 2012)
Lessons from Willesden (Interview, Writers’ Forum)
Common Faults in Short Stories Submitted (The New Writer’s Handbook Vol II, Scarletta Press)
The Sense of a Short Story (New Short Stories blog)
Excerpt from Hurdle Bardiface (Kitchen, October 2011)
Ashling (Write This, Pummel, May 2005)
Wanker (Write This, Le Grand Porn, February 2004)